The following reference guides and training resources will help you in your role. They contain important information relevant to all types of LGPS employers.

Employer guides

You can find the Local Government Association's (LGA) comprehensive HR and Payroll guides on the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website.

The Derbyshire Pension Fund employers handbook and a guide to when to apply assumed pensionable pay (APP) are attached to this page.

Employer training

The LGA has published bite-size training modules to help with Assumed Pensionable Pay (APP), which includes the following topics:

  • What is APP?
  • Calculating APP
  • APP and pension contributions
  • APP and the 50/50 section
  • APP and KIT (keeping in touch days), SPLIT (shared parental leave in touch days) and stringer days
  • APP for ill health and death benefits