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This page provides videos created and approved by the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) for our members. They’re clear and simple to help you understand what a pension is and what you need to know about being a member.

Watching a video

To watch a video, press the play button. You can also:

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What is a pension?

This video explains the scheme, the importance of saving for later life, how to become a member, who’s eligible and contributions.

How your pension works

This video explains how your pension accounts work and what you’ll get paid. If you leave the LGPS before you take your pension, you’ll either become a deferred member, or be offered a transfer or refund.

Looking after your pension

This video explains tax relief, our 50/50 scheme, how to increase your pension using additional contributions and annual allowance.

Protection for you and your family

This video explains early payment due to ill health, death benefits for partners and dependant children, lump sum death grants for active members and how to make an expression of wish.

Life after work

This video explains how and when you can take your pension, how different types of retirement may apply reductions or increases and how you can release some of your pension as a tax-free cash lump sum.

Your annual allowance

This video explains the government limits on the amount of pension that can be built up in a year, tax charges, pension savings statements and carry forward.

Your lifetime allowance

This video explains pension growth, how to calculate the current value, tax charges and available protections.

Transferring your pension

This video explains transferring an LGPS pension to a defined contribution scheme, when to seek financial advice, the possible risks and pension scams.