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We offer different types of Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) employer training, including:

  • employer training presentations
  • employer events
  • Local Government Association (LGA) bite-size training

We're currently delivering our training online using Microsoft Teams. If you'd like to request a training session, you can contact the Regulations and Communications Team, email with your training preference and best availability.

Employer training presentations

Our Fund offers training presentations as part of the employer onboarding process and also upon request.

New employer training

We offer introductory meetings when Academies, Admission bodies and Town & Parish Councils join our Fund. We schedule these with each new employer as part of our onboarding process. The meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month. This initial meeting gives our new employers the opportunity to ask questions and also helps us to identify and resolve any issues relating to the following topics:

  • forms (application forms, authorised signatories and contribution return forms)
  • reports (actuary reports and financial reports)
  • agreements
  • employer information returns (new employer spreadsheets and year-end returns)
  • how to set a discretions policy

Human Resources (HR) and Payroll administration training

This training is suitable for HR teams and payroll teams who handle LGPS matters such as payroll, employment policies and benefits. It covers the following topics:

  • about the Fund and LGPS scheme
  • pay (including CARE pay and assumed pensionable pay)
  • absences
  • retirement types
  • employer forms
  • your role as an employer

You can find the LGPS HR guide and payroll guide on the employer guides and documents section of the LGPS regulations and guidance website.

i-Connect training

We offer i-Connect training to help our employers learn how to submit their LGPS information, either through a file upload or an online submission. The following information is submitted through i-Connect:

  • pay information (including CARE and final salary)
  • contributions information
  • changes to personal details
  • service history (for example, part time hours and service breaks)
  • changes of employment details (contract and job role changes)

“Understanding my LGPS Pension” presentation

This presentation is suitable for your LGPS members and any of your staff involved in administering the LGPS who would like to learn more about the scheme. The presentation usually last about an hour (1 and-a-half-hours with a question and answer session), and covers the following topics:

  • how the LGPS works
  • leaving the LGPS before retirement
  • ill health
  • retirement types
  • death grants, nominations and survivor pensions
  • pensions and tax
  • annual benefit statements
  • increasing your benefits

Ill health retirement and appeals

This presentation guides you through the LGPS ill health retirement process, including our application for the adjudication of disagreement procedure (AADP) appeals process. It covers the following topics:

  • eligibility for ill health retirement in the LGPS
  • ill health and active members
  • ill health and deferred members
  • the employer's decision
  • informing the Fund
  • the appeals process

Employer events

We’ll let you know about employer training events we’re holding in our newsletters and emails. It’s important to keep your contacts and signatories up to date to make sure the right people can access the LGPS training they need.

LGA bite-size training modules

The LGA has published bite-size training modules to help employers with assumed pensionable pay (APP), which includes the following topics:

  • what is APP?
  • calculating APP
  • APP and pension contributions
  • APP and the 50 / 50 section
  • APP and keeping in touch days (KIT), shared parental leave in touch days (SPLIT) and stringer days
  • APP for ill health and death benefits