Baton pass

An organisation becomes an admission body as a result of:

  1. Securing a contract to provide a service or function from an employer which participates in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and involves the transfer via TUPE of LGPS eligible staff.
  2. Where they provide a public service and have sufficient links to a currently LGPS employer to be regarded as having a 'community of interest'.

In both cases, their admission is subject to:

  • employing staff eligible for the LGPS
  • applying for admission body status
  • a report being commissioned from our fund actuary
  • an admission agreement being signed by the contractor, the original employer and the administering authority of the pension fund

In this section you’ll find information for employers outsourcing a service or function to an external provider and also those who are taking on an outsourced service or function. It includes details on:

  • how an employer becomes an admission body to maintain LGPS membership for eligible transferring employees, (including the steps to take for outsourcing employers and their successful contractor)
  • protecting employees’ pension rights
  • risk sharing arrangements between the outsourcing employer and their new contractor, and
  • what happens when a contract comes to an end

There’s also our initial admission body enquiry form for the outsourcing employer or the new contractor to notify us about arrangements.