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This section is for active members of our scheme.

Active members are those who are:

  • employed by a local government employer or other organisations that offer Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) membership
  • working and paying into the LGPS
  • under the age of 75
  • not already receiving their pension benefits

Potential new joiners are those who have:

  • recently accepted a job with an employer who offers LGPS membership, and will be enrolled into the scheme automatically
  • a contract of less than 3 months or work on a casual / relief basis and have the right to opt-in
  • previously 'opted out' (left the scheme) and may voluntarily rejoin the scheme
  • met the criteria for auto-enrolment and will be entered into the scheme automatically by their employer

If you're not paying pension contributions and haven't opted out of the LGPS, you should contact your employer.

You can only build up your LGPS pension if you're paying into the scheme.


Derbyshire Pension Fund has collaborated with several other LGPS funds to produce an annual newsletter for active members. A copy of the latest newsletter is attached to this page.


If you're getting divorced, you may need to contact us to obtain a current valuation of your benefits. You can find out more information on pensions and divorce or dissolution.

Non-active members

If you've left employment and are not in receipt of your pension benefits, you can find out more in the deferred members section.

If you're in receipt of your pension benefits, more information can be found in the pensioner members section.

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