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Our employer newsletters that were issued in the past 12 months are attached to this page.

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Links to useful documents

Document about Employer newsletter 202 - PDF Employer newsletter 202 (308KB)

Issued November 2023: Employer shortfall costs, Cost of living, McCloud, My Pension Online

Document about Employer newsletter 201 - PDF Employer newsletter 201 (289KB)

Issued October 2023: Assumed Pensionable Pay, Queries from the Pension Fund, LGPS employer training sessions

Document about Employer newsletter 200 - PDF Employer newsletter 200 (344KB)

Issued September 2023: 'McCloud' remedy update, Deferred ill health retirement applications, i-Connect reminder

Document about Employer newsletter 199 - PDF Employer newsletter 199 (325KB)

Issued August 2023: Online bite-size training on ill health retirement for active and deferred members, authorised signatories and strike action FAQs

Document about Employer newsletter 198 - PDF Employer newsletter 198 (327KB)

Issued July 2023: My Pension Online, Derbyshire Pension Board: New Independent Chair, Online bite-size training: Final Pay and Assumed Pensionable Pay (APP), Employer role training sessions, General reminders

Document about Employer newsletter 197 - PDF Employer newsletter 197 (345KB)

Issued June 2023: Outsourcing and risk sharing, annual benefit statements, Seriously or terminally ill employees and ill health retirement, Derbyshire Pension Board

Document about Employer newsletter 196 - PDF Employer newsletter 196 (299KB)

Issued May 2023: Updated leaver forms, Employer MPO resources, LGA updated HR & Payroll guides, Pensions Administration Strategy

Document about Employer newsletter 195 - PDF Employer newsletter 195 (273KB)

Issued April 2023: 2022/2023 Year-end return deadline, 2023/2024 Contribution returns, Changes for the 2023/2024 year, 2022 Valuation report.

Document about Employer newsletter 194 - PDF Employer newsletter 194 (248KB)

Issued March 2023: Contribution bandings, year-end return deadline, CR1 templates, pensionable pay, Funding Strategy Statement, Pension Board vacancy

Document about Employer newsletter 193 - PDF Employer newsletter 193 (258KB)

Issued February 2023: APP on sick leave, employee contribution bandings, March i-Connect file, Outsourcing

Document about Employer newsletter 192 - PDF Employer newsletter 192 (396KB)

Issued January 2023: Changes to contacts and signatories, i-Connect update, Data quality and accuracy, Funding Strategy Statement: Consultation and My Pension Online

Document about Employer newsletter 191 - PDF Employer newsletter 191 (364KB)

Issued December 2022: Message from the Pension Fund team, cost of living crisis, Christmas opening hours