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You are a pensioner member if we are paying a pension to you.

You may be a pensioner member following your own retirement, or you may be receiving a survivors pension because your spouse or partner has died.

We also pay pensions to some eligible children after a parent has died.

Normally if you receive a pension from us, it will be payable for life. An exception to this are children's pensions where we can only pay up to a certain age.

If we pay a pension to you and you're unsure if you're entitled to receive it, please contact us to check.


If you’re getting divorced, you may need to contact us to obtain a current valuation of your benefits. You can find out more information on pensions and divorce or dissolution.

Not a pensioner member?

If you’re in employment and currently paying into our scheme, please visit the active members section.

If you've left employment, and are not in receipt of your pension benefits, please visit the deferred members section.