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The pages in this section contain essential reference and process guides to help you perform your duties as a Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) employer. The section includes information relating to:

  • enrolment
  • compliance
  • data protection
  • ill health
  • appeals

Please keep checking this section as it contains the latest LGPS and Derbyshire Pension Fund updates that are relevant to you.

Pension Scheme Registry Number

Our Pension Scheme Registry Number (PSRN) is: 10079128.

Legal background

The LGPS is a public sector pension scheme primarily for local government employees in England and Wales. It is a statutory, funded, career average revalued earnings (CARE) pension scheme with its rules defined in the following regulations:

Full details and guidance relating to the current regulations can be found at the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website.

HR and Payroll

The LGPS is fully approved by the Inland Revenue, therefore, members’ contributions qualify for full income tax relief on the ‘net pay system’. 

It is your responsibility as the LGPS employing authority, to ensure that your payroll provider is aware of the requirements set out in regulations and our administration strategy

You can find the Local Government Association's (LGA) comprehensive HR and Payroll guides on the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website.