We're required to maintain up-to-date details of Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) employer contacts and authorised signatories. This is to ensure that we can administer the LGPS in a timely manner, while safeguarding the interests of the scheme members.

We'll prompt you to update your signatories regularly to ensure our records are up-to-date.

The contacts and signatories we maintain a record of are:

  • a main contact for each employer for LGPS related matters
  • signatories that complete LGPS forms and those authorised to approve the release of pension benefits
  • staff responsible for making monthly data submissions
  • the Independent Registered Medical Practitioner(s) (IRMPs) appointed to provide opinions for ill health related applications from your employees (current and former) who are in the LGPS
  • the person appointed to adjudicate in cases where members appeal against LGPS related employer decisions.

If you don't submit a list of authorised signatories, it will delay the processing of updates and payments of your employee’s pension benefits, until it has been received.

New scheme employers must submit details of their main contacts, authorised signatories, an adjudicator for appeals and IRMPs within one month of becoming a scheme employer.

If you’d like to update any of the details we hold for you, please email us and we’ll send you the relevant forms: pensions.regs@derbyshire.gov.uk


If you contract-out your payroll or change your payroll provider, you must inform us as soon as possible. This will avoid any disruption to the processing of data and form submissions, which would impact on your employees and ex-employees.