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i-Connect is a secure platform which automates the submission of pension data.

All Derbyshire Pension Fund employers are moving from preparing year-end returns for scheme members' data submissions, to online monthly data returns by applying the i-Connect solution. 

Costs for non i-Connect users

Where employers don't submit data through i-Connect, a charge based on costs for the maintenance of non i-Connect procedures such as the year-end return, may be applied.

How to get started

We have contacted all employers about starting the process towards using i-Connect. 

Employers who have not yet been in contact with us should email our i-Connect Team at Our team support employers through the implementation phase.

The benefits

i-Connect reduces the costs and risks associated with processing pension data by seamlessly generating automatic submissions of monthly data collection to the fund in a single solution. Data is extracted directly from the employer's payroll system, and enables the automatic identification of new joiners, those opting out, and leavers.

The benefits to employers, their LGPS members and the scheme, include:

  • reducing the time spent on pensions administration
  • accurate data submissions
  • no more year-end returns
  • fewer data error investigations
  • reducing the need for submission of data via individual forms
  • speedier responses to your employer enquiries
  • a user-friendly platform
  • secure data transmission

i-Connect presentation

A series of slides, attached to this page, were presented at a session to which all employers were invited at the start of the employer implementation project and summarise the benefits of i-Connect. 

Useful guide for i-Connect users

You can find a useful guide attached to this page which provides answers to questions raised by employers about i-Connect.

L3 - leaver form

The L3 form is only for those employers who use i-Connect. We will request the submission of an L3 form when we need additional information; usually when the leaver has LGPS membership prior to 1 April 2014.