You can choose to re-join our scheme at any time if you previously chose to opt out.

How to re-join

You'll need to complete our ‘pension option form’ attached to this page and return it to your employer. Your pension deduction will then start from the next pay period. This is likely to be from the first of the month after you send your form.

There's no limit to the number of times you can opt out and re-join the scheme. Please be aware you won’t be able to join periods of opted out membership together. For example, if you’ve opted out twice, you’ll have a pension benefit for each membership.

The option to pay less

If you're worried about the cost of your membership, we have an option called 50/50. You pay half rate contributions and build half rate pension, but keep all the protections from being a member of the fund.

Automatic enrolment

Your employer will join you back into our fund every 3 years if you’ve opted out. You can read more about the government’s automatic enrolment initiative on the LGPS member site.

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