When you join our fund, we’ll send you a 'joiner pack' confirming you’re a member.

We include a ‘previous pension membership form' in the pack. You’ll need to complete and return this form if you wish to transfer your previous membership into our fund. You can find the form attached to this page.

If you haven’t received your letter and form, please contact us

Where you can transfer in from

We accept transfers in from:

We can’t accept transfers in from:

  • personal pensions
  • the private sector

The Public Sector Transfers Club

The Public Sector Transfers Club is a network of final salary job-related pension funds.

The following funds are included:

  • other LGPS funds (including those in Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • Civil Service
  • armed forces
  • teachers
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Firefighters' Pension Scheme
  • police

Applying for a transfer in

You must return your ‘previous pension membership form’ as soon as possible after joining the fund. You'll generally have 12 months from joining the fund to transfer your previous pension.

The form asks you to provide:

  • your personal information and employment details
  • details of any previous LGPS membership
  • details of any previous public sector membership (along with your completed 'letter of authority' included in the pack and attached to this page)
  • whether you want to investigate the possibility of transferring in

We'll need to get details from your previous scheme’s administrators before we can write to you about a transfer. This may take a few weeks.

Keeping your benefits separate

You can choose to keep your pension benefits separate. Contact us within 12 months of joining.