The Pensions and Investments Committee is responsible for the management and administration of Derbyshire Pension Fund on behalf of Derbyshire County Council.

The committee structure

The committee is made up of 8 voting councillors representing the county council and 2 voting councillors representing Derby City Council. The county council members of the committee reflect the political balance of the council. Two trade union representatives are also entitled to attend meetings of the Pensions and Investments Committee as non-voting members.

Derbyshire County Council councillors

8 committee members, including the chair and vice-chair:

  • David Wilson (Chair)
  • Peter Smith (Vice-Chair)
  • Neil Atkin
  • Barry Bingham
  • Mark Foster
  • Gary Musson
  • Alexander Stevenson
  • Mick Yates

Derby City councillors

2 committee members:

  • Carmel Ashby
  • Lucy Care

Trade union observers

  • Nick Read (Derbyshire County Unison)
  • Vacancy

Officers of the council and an independent investment adviser also attend meetings to provide advice and support to members of the committee. Other experts attend the committee to provide advice as required.


The committee meets 6 times a year.

You can find the committee's most up-to-date agendas, non-confidential papers and minuteson the Derbyshire Democracy website.

The committee's responsibilities

Its responsibilities include reviewing and approving the fund's:

  • investment strategy statement
  • funding strategy statement
  • treasury management statement
  • quarterly tactical asset allocation
  • communications policy
  • pensions administration strategy

The committee is also responsible for:

  • appointing the fund's actuary, AVC provider, independent investment adviser and external fund managers in advance of assets transitioning to the LGPS Central Pool
  • ensuring effective communications with pension scheme members and employers
  • managing the resolution of pension disputes in accordance with the Applications for Adjudication of Disagreements Procedure, including the appointment of adjudicators
  • reviewing policies relating to the administering authority's discretionary powers set out in the 2013 regulations and subsequent amendments
  • considering recommendations from the joint committee of the LGPS central pool and making decisions in respect of those recommendations on behalf of the council